.........abu eoŋ kabu tetere ejaunete kaijar, ejaunete da kanaedeparit.

{ YOKANA 10: 10 }

..........I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

{ JOHN 10: 10 }


The aim of the celebrations in marking 100 years is to appreciate the service it has rendered the communities near and far over the years and make a commitment to give the
facility strength for the next millennium. The overall objectives of the celebrations are;

1. Restore and improve the hospital infrastructure and service delivery to enable it provide quality and affordable healthcare.

2. Restore and improve the hospital public relations image as well as relations with all its current and former stakeholders. 


Ngora Freda Carr Hospital was started in 1922 as a result of work of the Church Missionary Society-England Missionaries. The Hospital is making a century marked with glory days of excellent health care and devastation through many stages of dilapidation both in service delivery, equipment and infrastructure. The mission of this Not-for-Profit Hospital is: “To provide basic and affordable quality health care services to the poor population and proclamation of the Word of God.”

The hospital is run as part of the Church of Uganda, Kumi Diocese and was founded in 1922 as a small medical mission with a donation from a Mr Ernest Carr in memory of his daughter Freda who had died in East Africa. It is a 180-bed hospital with outpatient (OPD) and inpatient services, as well as general maternity services. The glory of Ngora  Freda Carr Hospital was during the 1980s when the Surgeons’ Association, and Flying Doctors’ service, used to operate from the hospital which had its own airstrip

Over recent years Ngora  Freda Carr Hospital has been moving towards regaining its former glory and in the last five years it has made tremendous strides in service delivery through attraction and retention of talent despite being in a rural setting. Constant albeit slow improvement of infrastructure and equipment. The hospital 5 years ago was recieving an average of 5 patients per day and today it ranges from 20 to 60  patients per day and constantly rising. 

A great deal of work (surmountable) is yet to  be accomplished and this celebration will be a great highlight to the task ahead of all of as well-wishers, friends and all stakeholders of Ngora Freda Carr and Ngora at large.


CHAIRMAN        Mr Agwelakwa Dan Ogellan

TREASURE          Ms. Arionget Margaret Lima (Assistant ETIANG DAVID)
SECRETARY        Ms. Akurut Stella Eunice
MOBILIZER         Mr. Ebajut David
MEMBERS           Akello Margret Osuu, Ogeatum Edison, Rtd Bishop Obaikol and

Chairpersons of the subcommittees

FUNDRAISING:            Rev. Canon Christine Shimanya

COMMUNICATION:      Mr. Anapa OJirot Andrew

Our Historical Gallery

Sr. Rosemary A’Court and Sr. Elizabeth Shadwick
Matron Agnes Mukasa and Mr. Clement Davies
Dr. Mrs Hillary Maitland
Sr. Elizabeth Swarbrick with one of the premature babies
The Late Dr. John Maitland in Theater
Senior staff – left to right
Sr. Margaret Clarke, dr. John Maitland, Matron Agnes Mukasa, Dr. Frank Guinness, Mrs Mary Davies, Dr. Hilary Maitland, Sr. Elizabeth Swarbrick, Administrator Clement Davies. Dr. Elizabeth Guinness,
Sr. Rosemary A.Court,plus the children

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